Healing Properties



Welcome to Senses Pet Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy for animals involves the use of essential oils and can be highly effective in the healing of physical, behavioural and emotional issues. It works in a gentle, non-invasive, and holistic manner to help provide total health for your animal.

Our essential oils are chosen according to their healing properties and energy. Blended with the respect to the fragility of the olfactory senses, this makes our candles safe for your pet. you’ll love the emotional balance, energy and overall sense of wellbeing it will bring to you and your best friend.

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  • Prue says:

    Hi I’m the owner of woof the original dog grooming salon in Sylvania , I burn candles in my salon ever day and was wanting to know do you do wholesale prices as I am interested in stocking for my clients to buy and to burn every day .
    Thanks Prue

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