Senses Pet Aromatherapy was created out of my love of candles and the benefits of using Aromatherapy for dogs. Combining the use of Essential Oils for their therapeutic benefits and pure soy wax to create an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony in a safe and natural way.

After using cheaper paraffin candles with often overwhelming scents I often noticed my dog leaving the room and sourcing a place where he could be away from the offending smell. Even Soy candles that use Synthetic fragrances or so called essential oils, did not seem to entice my dog to want to stay with me.


Studying the olfactory senses of dogs led me to discover that these toxins and others are not only offensive but dangerous to our animals and us humans. I wanted to create safe and non-toxic candles that I could enjoy with my pets and for all animal lovers who care about the health and welfare of their dogs. Senses Pet Aromatherapy provides natural safe candles and reeds that are toxic free and environmentally friendly for you and your best friend.

An important part of these candles is not only being able to provide a safer environment for dogs but also supporting non-profit animal charities in the re-homing of adoptable companion animals through the sale of “Second Chance.” A candle especially designed to help calm and ease the stress of transitioning a dog to a new loving forever home.

And they are not just safe for dogs! Pregnant women, asthmatics, allergy sufferers, babies and young children, virtually anyone who cares about creating a safer environment for their homes and planet.