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The majestic Cedarwood tree grows silently in the cool of the forest and instils us with a sense of grounding, strength and peace. The warm soothing scent can restore us from feelings of aggression and anger, and promote a sound sleep.


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Cedarwood is a terrific natural pest repellent.

This oil can also help calm hyperactive dogs and might even make them feel sleepy or relaxed. It might even do the same for you as your bathing them!

Some of the other common uses and benefits of cedarwood are:

  • Deodorize dogs or spaces they dwell in
  • Repel insects
  • Ease stress and tension
  • Encourage a good night’s sleep

Cedarwood oil is beneficial for dog skin too. It can soothe redness and irritation and moisturize the area to prevent dry skin.

There are medicinal benefits as well. Use this oil on your dog to relieve pain from joint and muscle aches, reduce stiffness throughout the body, and stimulate circulation which will also relieve pain in trouble areas quicker.

Source: Cedardwood Oil Benefits for Dogs, Tania Griffiths

About ECO. Modern Essentials

ECO. Modern Essentials is a Gold Coast based wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing.

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Is it safe to diffuse around my pets?

1. When using essential oils, only use tested as pure essential oils, which means… not from amazon, your local grocery store, or people you don’t know or trust or won’t / can’t show you the test results. Many essential oils are adulterated with chemicals that are very toxic to pets to breathe in.

2. When diffusing, only use 3-4 drops of oil in a water based diffuser on an intermittent setting.

3. Be sure your diffuser is in an area where your pet cannot knock it over.

4. Be sure to diffuse in an open area with the door open so your pet can leave the room if desired.

5. Yes, tea tree oil can be harmful to pets if you use WAY too much of it.

6. If your pet is sensitive to an oil you are diffusing, stop the diffuser and get your pet some fresh air. Contact your veterinarian if you are concerned.

It is good to be careful using oils around animals, but let’s not get overly paranoid about it. Follow some common sense guidelines and rest assured you are actually helping them, not hurting them!

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